About us

We are an independent Company Elite Fulfilment Company Ltd, based just outside Truro in Cornwall, that has the license to trade as The Official Classic Rupert Bear Shop, which is granted by Class Media Distribtuion Limited/Express Newspapers. All Characters are Copyright and Trademark Protected.

This is the home of all official Rupert Bear merchandise. Every effort is made to police the illegal manufacture of Rupert product.  Taking images from this site and elsewhere and making product for sale is illegal and in breach of copyright and trademark law if you do not have permission of the owners.  Any violation of this policy is actively persued by a legal team, so please don't.

You may join our newsletter mailing list by emailing nick@classicrupertbearshop.com

If you are considering selling annuals etc., please read the following statement.  We are plagued on a daily basis with requests or even demands that we buy annuals that people no longer wish to keep.  The volume of requests is immense.  We therefore do not buy or value, and sadly we are not able to entertain the constant ad hoc requests for the same.  We recommend that should you wish to rid yourselves of old annuals that you sell them via Ebay in the Rupert Section or through a good auction house local to you.  We do not object to receiving a courtesy email from sellers advising that they have put items on Ebay and we would pop along and have a look.  If we wish to get involved then we will.  Any email offers to buy will sadly be unanswered.  There are just too many, despite this statement being pretty clear.

We have a facebook page, which currently has a growing number of friends.  Please join us.  The link is on the home page. Click on it and it will take you to our page.  Send a request and you can join us for a bit of fun.

We are generally open Monday - Friday 9am - 5.30pm and Saturdays 10am - 4pm. You can call us on 01872 562315 (0044 1872 562315 if in Europe, 011 44 1872 562315 Rest of the world) .  If we are busy or away please leave your name an number on our answer-phone and we will call you back - no matter what part of the world you are in!

Elite Fulfilment Company is a small business that incorporates three other internet/mail-order companies that deal with books.  www.expressbookshop.com  and www.efcbookshop.com