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For residents in the United Kingdom VAT is at the standard Rate of 20.00%.

For residents in Europe Vat is charged at 20.00% - If you possess a valid VAT number for your country please select Tax Exempt from the menu in Shipping and Taxes and include your VAT number in the box provided. All VAT numbers must be legitimate and registered to the user and the local tax office.  Fraudulent use of VAT numbers will be reported.

Delivery & Shipping Costs

Due to the recent changes in Royal Mail pricing and proportion policy, and the three price rises in the past year, we find we now have to make a delivery charge for each item. Each ‘Item’ therefore has an individual delivery cost attached to it.

Outlying parts of the UK, such as The Highlands of Scotland, Scottish Islands, Northern Ireland, Isle of Wight, Isle of Man, and Channel Islands have the same benefits as The UK Mainland where their orders weigh under 2kg packed.  However, when all items collectively are in excess of 2 KG, these items may be split and delivered seperately.

 We will endeavour to deliver goods to destinations in the UK within 7 - 10 days.

Overseas Customers - Please also note that there are shipping costs that will be added to your order for all items. 

This is very important, so please note.

Your bank statement will show the charge Company as Express N/Paper Truro.  This covers the Classic Rupert Bear shop as we are one of the same Company.   These details are also shown on the bottom of your enclosed invoice. If you report your transaction as potential fraud as you do not recognise the name, and the transaction is not fraudulent there will be a charge of £15.00 for which you will become liable for in addition to the return of the original amount due to our Company. You must take note of where and from whom you make purchases - and READ the paperwork enclosed in your parcel. 


 Please also visit the Deliveries & Shipping section before proceeding.


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