The Followers Of Rupert

The Followers of Rupert ( is an organisation (now having around 1200 members) set up in 1983 to bring together Rupert enthusiasts and to promote the appreciation of Rupert's past, present and future.

The members collectively are the foremost authority on all that is Rupert, extremely valued by all true Rupert fans and by Rupert's owners, Classic Media Distribution Ltd & Express Newspapers. 

To become a member and enjoy the social and financial  benefits, (discounts on Rupert products and the availability of merchandise only available to 'Followers of Rupert'), is very easy and is inexpensive. You may print your own application form following the instructions below or by contacting The Official Rupert Bear Shop 0n 01872 562315

We all at the Official Classic Rupert Bear Shop are proud to be members of this organisation.We  would like to recommend all Rupert fans to join,  to help to keep this wonderful creation alive and to pass their enthusiasm and love of the little fellow to their children, grandchildren and to generations beyond.



Application Form

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