We have designed our website to be as simple and user friendly as possible, without the use of Pop Ups & Unwanted advertising. We hope that the following guidelines will be useful when ordering. We are always on hand to give guidance where needed and are just a phone call away 01872 562315 or an e-mail enquiry away during office hours.

Placing an Order

First select the item you wish to order. If you are looking for a particular item and can’t find it, click the search button at the top of the screen and enter the name of the item or a ‘keyword’ to help find what you are looking for.

Adding to your Basket

To add to your basket, click the plus sign with the basket at the right hand side of the screen and this will add the item for you. You may now continue to browse and add further items to your basket if you so wish. You may check to see what you have in your basket at any time by clicking the button at the top of your screen or by clicking the "Eye" next to the item you have selected. You may remove or edit your shopping basket if you need to, by using the delete prompt on the right hand side.

If you have finished shopping you may proceed to the Checkout. To do this, you can either click on the button at the top of the screen, or by click the Shipping And Tax button on the Shopping Basket page at the bottom. You must now select a Delivery zone and Tax Region, dependant on which part of the world you are in. This table will then show the total cost of your order. You must tick the box to "Accept the Terms and Conditions" of supply. If you have not read these then please do so. Choose Method of Payment and click on the card type listed (Please note we do not accept American Express, Diners, JCB). The cards taken are Visa, Maestro/Switch, Solo, Electron and Mastercard.

Your details and delivery address

Please now fill in all your address details. If you wish your purchase to be sent to another address, either to you or as a gift for someone else, you must select the "Deliver to different address" at the bottom of the screen. (Move the screen up to see this). Your notice to us. If you are sending as a gift we are more than happy to put a message of your choice on the back of the parcel. Please type your message in this box. You may also give instructions or send us a note in this section too if you want to. Please ensure that your email address is entered accurately. Failure to do so will result in you not receiving your order confirmation, or the order programme not permitting you to proceed further. There is an option to print your order at this stage. Your order HAS NOT been placed with us yet. You must proceed beyond this point and enter your card details to complete the transaction.

You will then be taken to the secure form to fill out your credit/debit card details. You will see a gold padlock at the top of the screen. Please enter your 16 or 19 card number using spaces between the number as they appear on your card. Your security code is the last 3 digits on the signature strip, these are compulsory and are used as an extra security measure to prevent fraud. Issue numbers on Switch and Solo cards are also compulsory fields to complete Before proceeding by clicking next, please check the details entered. Ensure that all numbers are correct, that you have entered the correct expiry date and the correct security number from the rear of the card in the signature strip. Please note that charging in not completed live on line and is processed on despatch of your order. If you have made a mistake or wish to alter your order after you have sent it, just pick up the telephone or email and we will do it for you.

Email Confirmation of your order

You will receive an e-mail confirmation of your order. If you do not receive this e-mail confirmation it means that the order may not have reached us or that you put in your email address incorrectly. If you are using a work email address, you may not be able to receive your confirmation through the filter the business has set on their email server. If you do not receive a confirmation please e-mail or call to confirm if we have had your order.

Returning to the shop 

If you return to the shop, you may be asked if you wish to restore your basket from the last visit. This is because your computer has stored the information from that visit. It is safer always to click Cancel, start afresh and clear the previous history to avoid ordering the same items again.